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How do you tell your heart
"don't touch that it will burn you"
that glowing happy place
you thought was long gone
your friend
with the wonderful mind
and damaged soul
with a touch that
awakens fire in you
who you want to have
wrap you in his arms
and never let go
who held you
and showed you
color and joy again
kissed you, touched you
and awakened pleasure
in your body once again
who looked deep in your eyes
and saw worth
how do you scare off
the fear
a deep pressure
in your visceral gut
warning you that he will run
run away from you
and your love
and your heart
that gives too freely of itself
from your arms
that offer solace
and acceptance
and pleasure
from your fierce spirit
that is loathe to give up
how do you warn your heart
when it is too late
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sleepy time :iconmatchka:Matchka 0 2 Sage Ember by Lucien Vargas :iconmatchka:Matchka 0 0 Thar be trouble brewin :iconmatchka:Matchka 1 4 Missing...One Muse :iconmatchka:Matchka 1 9 RavensWing by Lucien Vargas :iconmatchka:Matchka 0 4
climbing the walls
of your heart
only to slip
on a misunderstanding
and plummet
to the cold stone below
splintering into shards of agony
blilliant spikes piercing
blinding, making me hide
in the cool soothing shadows
of your fortress
basking in the darkness
safe and secure in emptiness
gazing at the solid wall
and knowing defeat.
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You sit
trying to catch the ideas
flitting through your mind
like fleeting shadows
or tormenting demons
and then pulling back
into darkness
leaving you straining
trying to see what insight
just flashed across your mindscreen
like the sparkle of a rainbow
seen when not trying to be
and the harder you look
the fainter it becomes
taunting in the knowledge
that is IS there
They play tag with your mind
reveling in their speed
and your slowless
a gleam glanced
in your poet's eye
you reach out to catch them
bind them in ink on your paper
but it is like trying to catch
the breezes whisper
or a silvery thread of moonlight
they wrap around your mind
like a thick fog
but dissapear just as quickly
and the poet is left
with a blank mind
and an even blanker sheet of paper
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No Man's Land
The crazy old man lay in his bed and wondered what was wrong.
He knew he should be quite dead but knew quite well he wasn't.
The song was new but the tune was old.
Mankind was alone.
The dog wanted his bone and the girl to go home.
The light in the sky was not of nature's making.
It glowed and pulsed with a newness quite amazing.
The smell of fresh bread wafted across the playing field as we played our games of
All was well with death around and we knew not what was up.
Cars screaming down the freeway, dodging ghostly shadows.
Hitting living, breathing things instead of moving over.
Bells and  whistles filled the air and we all closed our ears.
Not hearing the cries for mercy or the pleas filled with fear...
Confusion reigned with a wicked grin.
We all smiled and laughed.
Going along down the winding path leading nowhere.
We were all lost without a map and not knowing where to go.
But no one cared.
Going deeper into loss, living empty lives, filled with dead things, alwa
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Blind Hands
I wish I could share
the pictures in my head
give them shape and color
for others to behold
but alas
my mind's bright vista
is locked inside
my mind can see
with awesome clarity
but my hands are blind
all that is left to me
is to try to convey
images with words
always the same shapes
just different combinations
words that will convey emotion,
texture, smell
bring a vivid picture that
hopefully resembles what I see
and if I am lucky
I can paint the words right
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A magical creature
she floats
one with her veil
a smooth silken
piece of sky
almost transparent
it flutters
hangs in soft folds
framing hips or chest
sometimes wrapped about her
in a tight embrace
like spidersilk
clinging to her skin
long, dark hair
swinging in counterpoint
to her body
pale, luminescent skin
arms like snakes
pulling you into her exotic dance
the veil moves
covers those arms, hips, stomach and breasts
that have held you captive
and makes a azure wall
that you must climb to reach
the face
painted like a china doll
eyes outlined in a thick black boundry
rich, painted lips
pouting slightly
teasing you with small flashes
of white teeth
then the veil floats away
parts like a cocoon bursting open
and a butterfly pulls free
and trys her wings
the music increases tempo
barely keeping up with your excitement
and then it reaches the climax
oh sweet music, sweet skin
then the silk closes
covering all
and the goddess draws back
into the heavens
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sitting on the cold cement
shivering and alone
staring into the calm pool
with dead unseeing eyes
my mind rushes madly around
like a bird in a cage too small
in one hand
a knife gleams wickedly
death and pain
tiny rivulets of life
sliding off the chilled metal
splattering silently onto the lifeless cement
creating a red field of liquid flowers
the knife slides out of my
pale, nerveless hand
clattering hollowly onto the ground
I hold both arms over the water
offering it my life
watching the crimson droplets
flow over my already dead flesh
it drips into the pond
making scarlet clouds
that slowly billow outward
turning the moon's reflection bloody
I watch the calm waters turn
darkness reaches for me
and I slide into its warm embrace
to know no more
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The Raven's Lair
With a sultry pout Merlinda wrapped her hand around the cool silver microphone. A
slow, sinuous movement brought her closer to the mike, milky white gown sliding with her.     
Her nails glittered a bright, pointed red as her other hand rose to her hip. Hair a dark,
shining mahogany, coifed into perfect curls, framing the china white skin. Her lips were a
deep, rounded crimson, like newly bled blood and her long-lidded eyes, lined in dark khol,
were heavy with her sensuous gaze. Sound like rich honey poured from her lips, drawing the
room into her world.
Behind her brass occasionally caught the lights as the musicians moved to the
hypnotic rhythm. All lined up like dominoes in a box, with neatly slicked back hair and
black tuxes, punctuated by a starched white tie and cumberbun. They were lost in their own
worlds, faces glistening with a slight sheen of perspiration.
People at the tables were watching with rapt expressions, some swaying silently to
the song. Women in sparkling gowns th
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cutie pie :iconmatchka:Matchka 1 8
How does one express
in terms measured by perception
the total longing
A gaping maw perhaps
ever starving for human kindness
silent and content when you are there
Or an endless, darkened tunnel
eerie in its utter silence
filled with light and life and joy
How about a puzzle
with one missing piece
made whole and perfect
None of these cliche images can even scratch the surface.
My shackles have fallen off and I soar above all the woes of the world
Hand in hand with the one who has freed me
Never wishing to let go
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Night Tease
The cool night breeze
stirs the vegetation
with her frosty finger
and watches the world
Every corner knows her touch
All living creatures have felt her
But only a few know her
She plays with the moonlight,
frolics with the shades
dancing through and around
teasing with her intimate knowledge
She brings the silent alive
the ever playful nymph of the dark
such moves the night breeze
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Things are weird. Situation changed and odd. Wondering where this road is going and if I have the energy to find out.
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