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The crazy old man lay in his bed and wondered what was wrong.
He knew he should be quite dead but knew quite well he wasn't.
The song was new but the tune was old.
Mankind was alone.
The dog wanted his bone and the girl to go home.

The light in the sky was not of nature's making.
It glowed and pulsed with a newness quite amazing.
The smell of fresh bread wafted across the playing field as we played our games of

All was well with death around and we knew not what was up.

Cars screaming down the freeway, dodging ghostly shadows.
Hitting living, breathing things instead of moving over.
Bells and  whistles filled the air and we all closed our ears.
Not hearing the cries for mercy or the pleas filled with fear...
Confusion reigned with a wicked grin.

We all smiled and laughed.

Going along down the winding path leading nowhere.
We were all lost without a map and not knowing where to go.
But no one cared.
Going deeper into loss, living empty lives, filled with dead things, always seeking more.

We hid behind our walls and masks unhappy with being lonely.
Serpents of fear and emptiness, constricting our openess and willingness to share our
essence, coiled around our lives.
Hissing that there was no hope.

Screaming thoughts and flying wishes whizzed around the cold, damp cell, finding no escape
through the barred windows or cracks in the door.

Such was life...

Bullets of silver in a city full of vampires.
Death and mayhem following the the sparkling wake.
Blood dripping from the wounded flower and flowing into the clear green stream.
Raindrops of toxic death pouring from the overcast sky and hell beckoning with the bone-grey
finger of death.

The smoldering fulmes wafting up fill the mind with thoughts of fire.
The glowing fire of the very pits that melt everything not clean and pure.
Just try to imagine it as a surreal painting :p. That is about all I can suggest.
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March 20, 2007
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